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The site present a webcomic in CGI that tell a story about a girl turned in a strange creature.
You will find weight gain, transformation, vore, inflation and many kind of erotic situations. But there is a real story, a Fantasy Erotic story.
The story is still in progress but there are already more than 140 pictures (1024*768) and 5 videos (800*600). To compare, some comic count no more than 200 images. A new picture is added all 5 days.
Sorry for English, it is not my native language. You can propose me better texts.
How to navigate

Click on the picture to go to the next picture.

The previous/next links replace the same buttons of the navigator but they don't let you navigate in the story.

To see the video

The video are in the avi format. To see them you must have a MPEG 4 codec. You can find it on here :


To contact the webmaster, set an email to :