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Advice if you don't have any credit card :

You can create a Paypal account and then ask a friend to credit your account with a Paypal transfer. You can also sell items on Ebay and pick up a payment credit. Direct transfer from your bank account it is also possible.


To register, it is simple :

1- Buy an Ebook of the story (8 choices, see below) on

2- Then send me back your Lulu receipt to . The ticket must be genuine with a valid Email/order description/order ID/date but you can erase your name and address if you want. On lulu I have access to order details but your personal information stay unknown for me. Don't wait too long, 3 month max, before send me the receipt.

3- You will receive by Email in 24H max the code of your account. It sometimes appears that the subscription mail is considered as a spam. So check your spam folder if you have not received anything.

You have 8 choices (4 Tomes with 2 different prices):

1- Fan: it cost 8,00 € and you have a 3 months access to the site :

2- Devotee: it cost 20,00 € and you have a 12 months access to the site :

In $ the price vary as the market evolve.

Notes :

The Tome I gather chapter I to chapter VI with 124 pictures.
The Tome II gather chapter VII to chapter XI with 122 pictures.
The Tome III gather chapter XII to chapter XVII with 162 pictures.
The Tome IV gather chapter XVIII to chapter XXIV with 182 pictures.
The Tome V gather chapter XXV to chapter XXIX with 107 pictures.
The Tome VI gather chapter XXX to chapter XXXV with 122 pictures.
The Tome VII gather chapter XXXVI to chapter XXXIX with 116 pictures.
The Tome VIII gather chapter IL to chapter XLIV with 118 pictures.

- On the site you can find additionnal videos and new pictures of the futur chapters (1 new media for 4 or 5 day).

- To register again, you must buy again the Ebook, then reflect before to make your choice.

- In some country, Lulu add VAT (sometimes 20%). To avoid VAT try to choose a free VAT country like Luxembourg (ex : RUE DE L'ABATTOIR, zip code 1111, town Luxembourg, country LUXEMBOURG) as your delivery/billing address.